Leaking Faucet Repairs


Repairing your leaking faucet can do more than help reduce wasted water and increased water bills. A leaking faucet can actually lead to a variety of water-related problems around your residential or commercial property.

An indoor water leak often doesn’t leave long-lasting damage, but in some cases, it can cause water damage in the areas around where the leak occurs. This could include mold or even damage to the floorboards, subfloor, vanity, or walls.

Exterior water leaks have their own set of potential damages. Depending on the size or volume of the leak and the amount of time the leak has been ongoing could determine the spread of the damage. What could have been an easily fixable leak may turn into a major repair over long periods of time.

At Plumbing Kings, we suggest having all leaks, even minor ones, corrected immediately to avoid larger, more costly repairs in the future. Have one of our expert plumbing contractors inspect your leak and see just how easy it is to have it repaired today.

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